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I’m getting ready for winter.

Osage Orange($1),Red Onions, Sweet Peppers, Poblanos, Various Beans(Wax, Italian and Pole), Grape Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Roma Tomatoes, Potatoes.


Picture from the other side of the Chopping Board. I am starting to buy extra to put away for Winter. My Farmer’s Market is open from the first weekend in May til the Weekend prior to the US Thanksgiving. That means I attempt to put away what I can for December thru April. This year I have an advantage over the past few years. Since I bought the largest Refrigerator we could squeeze into our Kitchen 🙂 Seriously just squeezed into the space.


Til next time…more on how I store my Farmer’s Market finds for winter.


Pictured: Summer Squash($2 a pound), Sweet Peppers and Poblanos($2 a pound), Potatoes($2 a pond), Broccoli($1.50 a pound), Tomatoes($3 a pound), White Peaches and Apples($2.79 a pound), Green Beans and  Lima Beans ($2.99 a pound), Cucumbers(3 for a $1), Garlic(2 for $1), French baguettes(sale 2 for $4) and  Milk(not pictured).

Since I hadn’t been for 2 weeks I bought what seems like a lot. It isn’t. We’ve already enjoyed 1 baguette, 2 Tomatoes, and 4 Apples. Today I’ll be using the Summer Squash, Green Beans, a couple of Potatoes, 1/2 a Red Onion, the Broccoli and maybe more. You’ll have to wait and see what I come up with 🙂


Til next time……get out to your local Farmer’s Market.


FYI: Do you know the average age of the Produce you buy? I do.

wpid-20140906_122600.jpgPictured: Summer Squash($2 a lb.), Corn($5 a dozen), various small Heirloom Tomatoes($4 a quart), Peaches and Apples($2.79 a lb.), Potatoes($2 a lb.), Heirloom Tomatoes($2 a lb.), Green Beans($2 a lb.), Lima Beans($2 a lb.), Poblanos and Sweet Peppers($2 a lb.) Pears not pictured($2 a lb.), and a gallon of Milk.



Til next time……Enjoy!!!

room. I had an idea for some miscellaneous Summer Squash I had in the fridge. This is what I came up with

wpid-20140831_194019.jpgPotatoes, Summer Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes and Parmesan(if you want)

wpid-20140831_174148.jpgLayering the ingredients in an everyday pan(Small Paella Skillet).

wpid-20140831_193106.jpgReady to go in the Oven 350F for maybe 30 minutes or so.

Simple and Yummy. If Vegan please just omit the Cheese. I’d use a good quality Rice Cheese instead.I’ll be making this again.

Til next time….Happy Friday 🙂

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have been to the Farmer’s Market and guess what? We’re still eating what’s left of  the produce and drinking the Milk I had bought. Can you say the same about the Produce and Milk you purchased at the Chain Grocer?

wpid-20140823_142515.jpgPictured: Red Onions ($1.50 a lb.), Heirloom Cherry and Grape Tomatoes ($5 for 2 berry baskets), in the Bowl: Plums, Heirloom Tomatoes and Asian Pears ($2.79 a lb.), Seedless Red Watermelon ($4), Peaches, Nectarines and Apples ($2.79 a lb.), Corn ($5 a dozen), Poblanos, Sweet Peppers($1.50 a lb.), Yams, Potatoes and Summer Squash($1.50 a lb.). I spent less than $50 including the $7 for the Gallon of Fresh Milk. Don’t balk at the Milk price it is Milk nothing but, and it lasts well over 2 weeks in the Fridge. Well worth every cent. From what I understand from the Owner is that she has heard  from people who have a Lactose intolerance are able to use her Milk and some are able to eat her Ice-cream. Something to think about when are making your food decisions solely by the best price????



Til next time………I’m going to my room to see what kind of Simple YUM I can create 🙂


FYI: I’m not Lactose intolerant. So, all I can share with you is what the Owner of the Dairy shared with me.