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out. So, I decided to skip the errands at lunch today.

And stay in an enjoy my leftovers from my favorite Asian Delivery. YUM, the Ginger and Hot Peppers are so much more flavorful when this dish is reheated.

Til next time…..Enjoy!!!

I went to grab Sushi on my way home…Well, that was my intention. I ended up grabbing a Shrimp n Tempura Bento, Beef n Shrimp with Noodles,a couple Spring Rolls, a California Roll (I know,but I got My Guy to eat it)   He loves Crab , but he has always stood his ground about supposedly not liking Avocados. He ate 3 pieces. In my book that’s a win. When I was little my family always had me eat a spoonful of anything new to me that was served. If I like it I could have more. If I didn’t it was OK, because I had tasted it. I am jazzed about the door to more food possibilities is now wide open. You just gotta love it. I’ve created a healthy (most of the time) FOODIE.


Next time I go definitely no doubt getting a Tuna Roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll. Come on, this girl needs a Sushi fix. I am not saying that what I picked up tonight wasn’t delicious. It was. I am just a traditionalist when it comes to Sushi and Sashimi. This is definitely my kind of FAST-FOOD.

Til next time……..Breathe

My Guy. Ok, this is not good. I was sneaky very sneaky. He loves everything I cook. There are a couple of exceptions. Canned Salmon is one. I can live with that. When he wants Hot Dogs and Canned Beans for Dinner. I get to have Boiled Potatoes, Chilled canned Salmon with Vinegar. Everyone’s happy.:)

Now back to my oooppppss……..I forgot to take pictures. I am sorry. It was gorgeous as well as delicious. I know, what did I make? My version of Shrimp Scampi with a fresh Baguette.

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp of your choice. I had about a pound or so of medium count (60-90) Tiger Shrimp

1 stick Butter minus a Tablespoon for sauteing the Shrimp

4 Gloves Garlic

Melt the Tablespoon of  Butter(or less) in a large Skillet. Add 2 Cloves of Garlic-either finely chopped or use a Press. i added a pinch of Seafood Spice. I use Simply Greek’s blend. Check out the link on my front page.

In a small Sauce pan warm the remaining Butter and add the remaining Garlic. Let this talk on a low heat while you are cooking the Shrimp.This is for dipping the Shrimp in. I prefer Lemon or Lime on mine. So, I make the Shrimp on the Dry side. I don’t mean not tender. Just not soaking in a bowl of Butter. Like a lot of Restaurants serve it.

Done simple and of so Yummy.

Til next time…..Yes, I will remember to take pics. 🙂

In my room. It hasn’t worked out as well as planned, but here are a few pics.


Chopped skinless Chicken for Salads


The Salads and some beautiful fresh Rolls.


Cheddar and Potato Perogis. Cooked in Grapeseed Oil.


A Heart Shaped Pancake. I just though it was cute.


Shrimp Scampi my way.. A little Butter, Garlic and Lime juice..Oh My YUM!


The best Hunan Delivery in the area. Pictured above Chow Mein, below Ginger Beef and Shrimp. Fresh light no Oil nor MSG.


Til next time………