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just wanted to…….

Posted: 22/01/2013 in Zen Kitchen

give you an update on what I am doing and working on. I had another interesting Restaurant experience. I have asked permission to use excerpts and recipes from a terrific book. I am waiting on a response to use information regarding this years Dirty Dozen. I am researching and reading and continually moving forward.  just a share

til tomorrow…….enjoy and eat well

when not sleeping or should I say when not attempting to sleep.  Whatever this bug that I caught is.  The one thing I know is that it’s nasty.  So, back to what else I have been doing.  I have been reading up on the Diet trends for 2013.  Some are sound and very similar to the way My Guy and I eat.  Some are comical.  I continue to read and wait for replies from the Authors to share more detailed information regarding these trends. I was just given a copy of ‘A Covert Affair’ by Jennet Conant.  This is the story of Julia and Paul Child.  Any fan/admirer of Julia Child should read this to see a bigger and better picture of the one and only Julia Child.    Tomorrow will be my first attempt in a week for a normal scheduled day (whatever that means) of waking to my Alarm (usually before it goes off) showering and getting ready for work.  Which I am really looking forward to.  I am one of those lucky people that enjoy their work.

til tomorrow……….enjoy