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Playing with Ramen

Sautéed Green Beans and Carrots in Butter with Garlic. Cook til tender add some Chicken(is you have any leftover from something else) or not 🙂 , Balsamic Dressing, Scallions, the season pack from the Ramen and a touch of Lemon Juice. This is just one of the many Ramen creations my kid makes.

FYI: To my Vegetarian and Vegan followers just skip the Chicken, Butter(use a good quality Oil of your choice) and the season packet. Maybe add some Teriyaki or some Bragg’s 

Til next time…..find the time to play 🙂


food when you don’t feel well or are sick?

wpid-20130829_192914.jpgMy Guy’s is Ramen.  Chicken Ramen to be exact.  Not the good version.  Just the everyday 4 for a dollar kind.  And he eats it funny.  Well, at least to me it’s odd.  He breaks it up into little tiny pieces before it is cooked.  Please don’t get me wrong.  He is the most amazing person I know.  Everyone has quirks 🙂

imageI am a traditionalist. I love the slurp!

Maybe I’ll share my go to food?  Do you want to know what it is?  Or do you already think you know what it is?

Til next time…I’m going to go and see how My Guy is feeling.

I just realized after I had thought I was ready to post this that this could become the Great Ramen Debate…….Ok, why not I’m game are you?

FYI:  How many servings in a package of Ramen?  no cheating now………:)