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Playing with Ramen

Sautéed Green Beans and Carrots in Butter with Garlic. Cook til tender add some Chicken(is you have any leftover from something else) or not 🙂 , Balsamic Dressing, Scallions, the season pack from the Ramen and a touch of Lemon Juice. This is just one of the many Ramen creations my kid makes.

FYI: To my Vegetarian and Vegan followers just skip the Chicken, Butter(use a good quality Oil of your choice) and the season packet. Maybe add some Teriyaki or some Bragg’s 

Til next time…..find the time to play 🙂

imageJust finished watching  both Hellboy Movies and I just had to find a Food Sculpture 🙂

Thank you to the talented person that create this!!!

Til next time….Smile 🙂

wpid-20140812_221923.jpgA late night snack 🙂 Chicken Ramen, Leftover Chicken, a Hard-boiled Egg and a splash of Hot Sauce. It smelled so good!


wpid-20140616_185450.jpgSimply Yum Pasta and Steamed Cauliflower with Patty Pan Squash.

wpid-20140616_182751.jpgWooden Spoon trick really works


wpid-20140616_175220.jpgGorgeous Farmer’s Market fresh Cauliflower and Patty Pan Squash ready to Steam.

Simply Pasta

Pasta of your choice. I used a good quality Spaghetti. It was what was in the Pantry. About 1/2 a pkg makes Dinner for 2 and a lunch. Terrific heated up the next day.

1/2 stick Butter

Parmesan Cheese or any other strong flavored Cheese.

Seasoning is basic Garlic and Black Pepper. Salt if you want

If you want to get fancy with this recipe add Sour Cream or a god Creme’ like a Mexicano style. It is a simple way to make it creamy.


Cook the Pasta til al dente

Add Butter stir til melted

Add Cheese continue to gently stir it around……DONE 🙂

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Til next time ………..Enjoy!!!

wpid-20140525_153235.jpgVeggies: Summer Squash aka Crookneck, Sweet Peppers, Peas, Asparagus and Spring Onion aka Scallion.

wpid-20140527_181354.jpgPretty Pasta ready for our weekday lunches. I like mine on a bed of Lettuce.

Pasta you choose. This is a good way to use Gluten-free Pastas. They will soak up the dressing. So, you might need to use more.

Veggies you choose

Fresh made or high quality Italian Dressing

Play with it, I forgot the Tomatoes til the next day.

Chop the Veggies and shuck the Peas. Cook til tender.

Cook the Pasta. Mix well and chill.

Til next time…..enjoy!!!