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imageHappy Birthday to My Kid 🙂

After a long day at work.My Kid decided to play in my room. What better comfort food than having Breakfast for Supper.

Cheese Bagel with Scrambled Ham, Cheese and Eggs. YUM!!!

til next time….Enjoy 🙂




Thank you to the talented creator of this SMILE 🙂

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Happy New Year……

Posted: 01/01/2015 in Life
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Every year I attempt to guess the next diet/health trend.  Do you want to play?

out. So, I decided to skip the errands at lunch today.

And stay in an enjoy my leftovers from my favorite Asian Delivery. YUM, the Ginger and Hot Peppers are so much more flavorful when this dish is reheated.

Til next time…..Enjoy!!!