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out. So, I decided to skip the errands at lunch today.

And stay in an enjoy my leftovers from my favorite Asian Delivery. YUM, the Ginger and Hot Peppers are so much more flavorful when this dish is reheated.

Til next time…..Enjoy!!!

imageOk, it’s been a week. Such a week…..CHEERS!!!

I’m looking forward to having the time and the want to cook again. I haven’t done much of it over the last week or so. Just the grab n eat kind of eats. Salad, Apples, Sushi, anything I can find to put in a Tortilla. I think we all have those kind of weeks. At least I hope so.

Til next time….Happy Friday!!!

FYI- found this Artwork through a contest. Thank you to the talented/creative person who created this.

What a nice surprise…..The other day at work our Cafe  offered a Shrimp Salad. I was thinking OH NO, Shrimp Mayo kinda thing. I was sure happy to see this……

Lettuce, Tomato, Shrimp, Broccoli, Carrots, Fresh Fruit and Cheese. It was really good and just enough for a lunch.

Til next time……Enjoy!!!

My Kid’s favorite from Childhood to Adulthood place to grab a bite. Closed a while back. Shorty’s was the go to place. From Soup to Sandwich’s all fresh made there including the Bread and Bagels. A couple of weeks ago he noticed there was a new place that opened in the shopping center where Shorty’s used to be The Tokyo Grill. So, last night I stopped by there on my way home and picked up dinner. I couldn’t make up my mind everything sounded Yummy. My Kid wanted Yakitori(Grilled Chicken Skewers) and a couple California Rolls. I finally made up my mind kinda. I ordered a Tuna and Avocado Roll, a Salmon,Avocado and Cucumber Roll and a Tuna and Cucumber Roll. OK, I know 3 Sushi Rolls for one. Why not? Next time it’s a Rainbow Roll or ????? It was so good and no I didn’t finish all 3, but I sure tried 🙂wpid-20140814_192111.jpg

Pictured: Fresh made Almond Cookies and what I couldn’t finish at dinner, but proceeded to munch on later in the night.It was so YUMMY!!!



Til next time……Happy Friday 🙂



Til next time………………Smile 🙂