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After a long day at work.My Kid decided to play in my room. What better comfort food than having Breakfast for Supper.

Cheese Bagel with Scrambled Ham, Cheese and Eggs. YUM!!!

til next time….Enjoy 🙂

air. I made juice this morning and I had leftover Orange Peels. I see a simmer pot in my future.

You can get all fancy and scentful playing in your Fridge and Spice Cabinet. I just enjoy the simplicity of a citrus simmer pot. Maybe, add some Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, or a favorite aromatic. Simmer on low and refill with water as needed.

Til next time…..just a share 🙂

wpid-20140720_184824.jpgThe other day I was showing a friend some of the pics from things I have created in my room. She asked about  the beautiful Chicken I had made. So, this is for her. Ok ,and the rest of you too. I  forget to write about simple things I automatically do in my room. Like Glazed Chicken.

Glazed Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts

Family Pack of Boneless Chicken Breasts-Remember I could Protein to be used throughout the week. It makes the weeknight craziness a bit less crazy. This amount will feed 3 adults about 3 dinners. With at least one being a Salad.

Salad Dressing of your choice. I have found that if I buy a Salad Dressing I don’t like. That it works and tastes great for Chicken.The Dressing I used for this was a Balsamic Vinaigrette.


In a large Skillet place the Chicken. Pour on about 1/4 of the bottle or a bit less. Add 1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup water. Place a lid on the Skillet. Cook at a medium heat for about 20 minutes turning it once. Remove the lid and raise the Temp just a bit. Turn the Chicken often as the sauce reduces.Serve when you like the color.

Simple 🙂

Til next time….Enjoy 🙂

more. 15may4                                                                                              Fresh Purple Asparagus

15may3a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion

15may5Chicken Breasts and Carrots

15may2Veggies and Chicken

15may1Cooking up the Veggies

My Kid and I were chatting in my room and of course the conversation went to food. I decided to get creative. I cooked up some Chicken Breasts. Chopped up a couple of Carrots, a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion. Broke up and soaked  some Purple Asparagus. A simple Yummy weeknight munch.

FYI: the Purple Asparagus was a week old from the Farmer’s Market and I was a little concerned about the size of the stalks. I usually avoid large stalks of Asparagus. since they seem to be tough and woody. These weren’t. They were tender and sweet.

Til next time……enjoy!

My Kid was teasing me the other day that we didn’t have any Potatoes.  Guess what? We do now,  15 pounds of them 🙂
image What better to do than make a Saturday morning munch.


1 Russet Potato-washed well

1 Small Sweet Pepper or a 1/4 of a Bell Pepper.

a few slices of a Red Onion

Chop these ingredients and/ or anything you like with Fried Potatoes.  Not a Vegetarian???? Add some Chopped up Ham or Cooked Bacon, not Raw.  Or cook the Bacon first and use some of the Bacon grease to fry up the Potato Veg…..Oh my that sounds really good.

Heat your favorite Skillet with a touch of Coconut Oil to a Medium heat.  Don’t have any?  Use what you have.

Add the chopped Potatoes and stir well.  Place a lid on the Skillet and let the Potatoes talk for a bit.  Maybe 10 minutes.  Add the rest of your ingredients.  Stir well and let it talk til you are happy with the Aroma, Texture and Look.  Scramble a couple of Eggs.  I mixed up 3 for the 2 of us.  Add the Eggs and mix it up til done.  Enjoy 🙂

Til next time…..I’m off and running.