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Ok, I know it’s Thursday. We’ve had a hectic week to say the least 🙂

We all wanted something different for Dinner the other night. I wanted a Sweet Potato/Yam. My Guy wasn’t feeling good. So, he wanted Ramen (of course). My Kid found some packaged Crescent Rolls, Ham and Cheddar in the fridge.

This it he came up with. He rolled the package of Crescent Rolls out and split it into 2. Layered the Ham and Cheese. Rolled them up and baked to the Crescent Roll instructions. YUM



Til next time….enjoy 🙂

I had forgotten about this Simple Weeknight Yum.

wpid-20140521_190456.jpgThe finished Muffin with a fresh Farmer’s Market Salad

wpid-20140521_175908.jpgI chose Ham, Pepperoni, Cheddar Cheese and Asparagus.

wpid-20140521_175916.jpgI sliced the Grand Biscuits in half. I happen to have what they call a ‘Texas Muffin Pan”. It is large and deep.

wpid-20140521_181448.jpgI sprayed the pan. Placed a Biscuit slice on the bottom added a layer of YUM. and repeated.

wpid-20140521_184847.jpgBaked them by the directions on the Muffin package. A couple of them were 3 layers.


Choose your favorite ingredients. You notice that I topped them? That’s so you know what is in them.And it looks pretty too.

Til next time…….Enjoy 🙂