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teaching me patience. This is for you D ! I hear your voice every-time I make this which is often!!!
Heat a small Skillet to a low heat with about a 1/2 Tablespoon of high-quality Butter once melted.  Add 1 sliced Onion. Want to make more use a bigger Skillet, more Butter and Onions. Technique is the same.

Gently toss/stir in the Onion with the Butter. Ignore for a bit. repeat til done to your liking 🙂

Til next time……Enjoy 🙂

with Acorn Squash…


I was given 4 large Acorn Squash. To be honest not a real big fan. But, I had to give it a shot. I have prepared it like Corn Mush.AKA Firm Polenta. Slicing  it and frying in Butter(yes, Butter) and serving it with  Maple Syrup. That was ok. This time I decided to Steam  it and then scoop it out with a large spoon .Mash it up a bit and top it with Parmesan.I baked it at 350(F) to brown the Parmesan. That’s it:)

wpid-20140803_163854.jpgIt came out tasty. I think next time(yes,there will be a next-time)I’ll take the time to Bake the Acorn Squash. Instead of Steaming it.


Til next time….go try something new 🙂