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Simple Fresh Home-made Soup from the Fridge and Farmer’s Market.

wpid-20140601_124006.jpg Ready to pack up for Lunches. I filled 5 Ceramic  Soup Cups perfectly. Like these:

wpid-20140606_175439.jpgSorry for the blurry pic  😦   but you get the idea.

wpid-20140601_111715.jpgFarmer’s Market Veggies ready for Soup. Asparagus, Fresh Peas(I shucked them myself…. LOL….Really!),  Summer Squash(aka Patty Pan),  Spring Onions(aka Scallions).  I also added Kohlrabi, Potato, Carrot and the Bulb of the Spring Onions.

wpid-20140601_111651.jpgLeft over Steak from the other evening.  Potato, Carrots and Spring Onions.  Sautéed in Grape-seed Oil. Cook til tender.

wpid-20140601_113539.jpgLooks good already.  After I cooked the base Veggies and Meat.  I added the rest of the Veggies, some Water and a V-8.

Why V-8?   For  a few reasons:

#1-Tomatoes aren’t in Season

 #2- I can’t find my favorite Vegetable Broth

#3- I don’t cook with Salt and this Soup was REALLY sweet. Meaning  it needed another level of  taste/flavor. To open up  It’s WOW. Remember it’s missing  Tomatoes.

The fresh local veggies seem to be extreme;y sweet this year.  Not sure why.  But, I like it!!!

Remember    “Recipes are Road Maps. Make them your own”

Til next time….Enjoy!!!!!

Play with this recipe as you have seen me do over the years. The idea and base are Simple.

more. 15may4                                                                                              Fresh Purple Asparagus

15may3a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion

15may5Chicken Breasts and Carrots

15may2Veggies and Chicken

15may1Cooking up the Veggies

My Kid and I were chatting in my room and of course the conversation went to food. I decided to get creative. I cooked up some Chicken Breasts. Chopped up a couple of Carrots, a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion. Broke up and soaked  some Purple Asparagus. A simple Yummy weeknight munch.

FYI: the Purple Asparagus was a week old from the Farmer’s Market and I was a little concerned about the size of the stalks. I usually avoid large stalks of Asparagus. since they seem to be tough and woody. These weren’t. They were tender and sweet.

Til next time……enjoy!

Pizza. Through out the Season I’ll be posting Farmer’s Market Pizzas. Showing off the wonderful ingredients that I find. These Pizzas can be made Dairy and Gluten-free. I will start experimenting with Gluten-free crusts as I go. As far as the Dairy-free. I always recommend using Rice Cheeses. They melt the best.

Tomatoes,Oregano,Garlic and Basil for Simple Marinara

Tomatoes,Oregano,Garlic and Basil for Simple Marinara

Rough chop Tomatoes. I chopped up 4 medium to make 6 small Pizzas. Add a pinch or more of each:Garlic,Parsley, and Basil. No Salt will have more than enough from the Crust, Pepperoni and the Cheese.

Farmer's Market Asparagus

Farmer’s Market Asparagus

Marinara and Asparagus

Marinara and Asparagus

Finishing touches on the Tomato Sauce and gently sauteing the Asparagus.

Marinara, Mozzarella and Pepperoni

Marinara, Mozzarella and Pepperoni

Pepperoni, Asparagus and Mozzarella

Pepperoni, Asparagus and Mozzarella

 Getting everything ready to place in the Oven. Which was Pre-heated to 425 degrees(F). The Pizzas only take about 10 minutes to bake.

Fresh Farmer's Market Pizza

Fresh Farmer’s Market Pizza

Done….The Asparagus idea was a hit. My Kid asked me to make them with Asparagus and Bacon. Oh My, now that sounds YUMMY.


Til next time…Enjoy