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imageHappy Birthday to My Kid 🙂

After a long day at work.My Kid decided to play in my room. What better comfort food than having Breakfast for Supper.

Cheese Bagel with Scrambled Ham, Cheese and Eggs. YUM!!!

til next time….Enjoy 🙂

Ok, I know it’s Thursday. We’ve had a hectic week to say the least 🙂

We all wanted something different for Dinner the other night. I wanted a Sweet Potato/Yam. My Guy wasn’t feeling good. So, he wanted Ramen (of course). My Kid found some packaged Crescent Rolls, Ham and Cheddar in the fridge.

This it he came up with. He rolled the package of Crescent Rolls out and split it into 2. Layered the Ham and Cheese. Rolled them up and baked to the Crescent Roll instructions. YUM



Til next time….enjoy 🙂

the countdown continues…..

imageThis was My Kid’s choice for All Hallow’s Eve today.

Thank you to the creative person behind this creation.

Til next time……SMILE 🙂

wpid-20140903_192611.jpgI know not the best pic. I had a major want for a Bologna Sandwich. So, at lunch the other day I ran over to a local market. I picked up Kaiser Rolls, German Bologna(thinly sliced) and a Head of Lettuce.Came back to work and made a Sandwich YUM. This is a once a year or 2 itch.  I surprised my kid with Bologna when I got home.. The first thing he did was get down a Skillet and fried it up for a Sandwich.


Til next time……Enjoy!!!