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Hummus made simple and cheap

2 cans Garbanzo Beans AKA Chickpeas. Rinsed well!!!

Juice of about a half a Lemon or to your taste

a clove or more of Garlic finely minced or use the minced in the jar or the Garlic in a tube and really if push gets to shove use granulated or powder.Just be careful after it sits for a while it tends to get spicy.

a touch of Sesame Oil or about a spoonful of Tahini (Sesame paste). To taste.

Place all the ingredients into a Food-processor, a Blender or even use a Potato masher. Whatever works for you.

Your done. It stores in an airtight container I’d say for about a week.

Cost for 24 ounces of Hummus maybe $4. Cost at a Grocer 10 ounces on sale $4

Time to prepare less than 10 minutes.

Til next time……..enjoy:)



Brand name Baked Bean Company marketing to kid’s that Baked Beans are a Vegetable?????
Sugar laden canned Baked Beans….not. Don’t get me wrong. Homemade Baked Beans are a wonderful TREAT.

Just sayin

imageWhat a beautiful Hand of Buddha. I can’t wait for mine to bear fruit.

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