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air. I made juice this morning and I had leftover Orange Peels. I see a simmer pot in my future.

You can get all fancy and scentful playing in your Fridge and Spice Cabinet. I just enjoy the simplicity of a citrus simmer pot. Maybe, add some Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, or a favorite aromatic. Simmer on low and refill with water as needed.

Til next time…..just a share 🙂


Hummm….think about this one.

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imageGoing with kid friendly treats today 🙂

Til next time…thank you to the creative person behind this treat!!!


wpid-20140831_093441.jpgApples, White Peaches, Nectarines, Plums,  and a Banana.

wpid-20140831_093845.jpgI decided as an after thought to add some Plain Greek Yogurt. Vegan??? skip the Yogurt 🙂


Check out my new gadget. I came home a few weeks ago to this terrific new Kitchen Machine. I am really just starting to use it. As time goes on I will definitely be sharing more using my Ninja.The only things I have made with it so far are Morning Smoothies and Juices. I also use it to make Simple Hummus. Have any neat creations to share that you’ve made with a Ninja or a similar gadget?


Til next time……enjoy!!!

wpid-20140710_084142.jpgSourdough Toast with Fresh sliced Tomato and Extra Sharp Cheddar…..YUM 🙂

I got to work and realized I was hungry and the Cafe was closed til lunch….What’s a girl to do.Raid our Fridge at work to see if maybe I had something in there to throw together. I lucked out. I had brought in a slice of Sourdough and a Tomato the day before and I usually have Cheddar in the fridge for Apples late in the afternoon. Simple. A few people stopped by for various reasons that morning and all thought my Breakfast looked and smelled good. It did and was delicious.

Til next time……Enjoy!!!