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Brand name Baked Bean Company marketing to kid’s that Baked Beans are a Vegetable?????
Sugar laden canned Baked Beans….not. Don’t get me wrong. Homemade Baked Beans are a wonderful TREAT.

Just sayin


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Til next time…..????

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have been to the Farmer’s Market and guess what? We’re still eating what’s left of  the produce and drinking the Milk I had bought. Can you say the same about the Produce and Milk you purchased at the Chain Grocer?

wpid-20140823_142515.jpgPictured: Red Onions ($1.50 a lb.), Heirloom Cherry and Grape Tomatoes ($5 for 2 berry baskets), in the Bowl: Plums, Heirloom Tomatoes and Asian Pears ($2.79 a lb.), Seedless Red Watermelon ($4), Peaches, Nectarines and Apples ($2.79 a lb.), Corn ($5 a dozen), Poblanos, Sweet Peppers($1.50 a lb.), Yams, Potatoes and Summer Squash($1.50 a lb.). I spent less than $50 including the $7 for the Gallon of Fresh Milk. Don’t balk at the Milk price it is Milk nothing but, and it lasts well over 2 weeks in the Fridge. Well worth every cent. From what I understand from the Owner is that she has heard  from people who have a Lactose intolerance are able to use her Milk and some are able to eat her Ice-cream. Something to think about when are making your food decisions solely by the best price????



Til next time………I’m going to my room to see what kind of Simple YUM I can create 🙂


FYI: I’m not Lactose intolerant. So, all I can share with you is what the Owner of the Dairy shared with me.



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I’m still around. Life seems to have gotten in my way lately. It’s an extremely hectic time of the year for me at work. You know that 9 to 5 gig? Still juggling 2 households. I won’t go into that rant for now. I have been doing a little creating in my room and then realizing I forgot to take pics. My Kid made an absolutely yummy looking creation out of one of the dinners I made.I once again forgot to take a pic. But, you know what all in all everything is good. We are happy, healthy and going a bit nuts:) I have a hard time right now hearing about family members vacations and playtime. I want to go play……in time.



Til next time….just a share




First day of Summer….



Local Honey (a necessary purchase $15),  Corn(YUM) (3-$2), Carrots ($2 a bunch),  Italian Beans, Pole Beans (green beans), Wax Beans($2 a lb-Beautiful Yellow Beans), Summer Squash (I think I am going to stuff the large White Patty Pan with Sausage, Garlic, Peppers and ????  Kinda like a Stuffed Pepper)   and Potatoes.
A good day at the Market 🙂


Til next time ……Get out there and check out your Farmer’s Markets. To find one go to


FYI: I have a Rant……..!!!!!