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It’s Friday and I’m in a goofy mood. I thought I’d share a few treasures I’ve found.


The Garden sign is from It included a Stake and it is also set up to be hung. SWEET!!!!

The Blood Splatter Spoon Rest and Cutting-board are sold individually at Spoon rest is over sized and I like that it isn’t breakable. The Cutting-board drips over the side of the counter. These things make me smile.


Til next time……SMILE 🙂


Wow..such a find. . It has been a long long oh so long  time since I have been able to cheer about a new food place. And this place I can definitely cheer about.
image (pictured) Veggie Medley, Red Bliss(Potato) Salad, Coleslaw,Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Garlic Butter, Genoa Salami, Beef Bologna, Sauerkraut, Beano’s the best Submarine Dressing  and 1lb. of Marinated Beef Tips.

imageThe Fresh Marinated Veg mix. This is good Raw also. I just had to try it while I was getting Dinner together.

imageThe Marinated Beef-tips. My Guys only complaint….wish there were more. Tender and perfectly marinated.

imageI cooked up some Orzo and finished with the Fresh-made Garlic Butter.

imageWhat a terrific place. The food, the Employees. I can’t wait to stop by again to see what I can come up with for a another Dinner. Maybe Chicken or Bison next????

Go and check-out your local  “The Meat House”

Til next time……enjoy

Oh my…I’m in lust with a new find. Ricos Tacos Moya II here in the city. My Kid had told me about it. I just hadn’t had the chance to go by til today.

imagePictured: Verde(green) and Roja(red) Sauces both are extremely flavorful,. Frijoles(refried Beans), one each Asada(Steak) and Carnitas(Pork) Taco.

This is one happy Angelina(LA Girl). This is what I miss living here. Classic Flavorful Fresh Mexican Food. I will be working my way through the Menu. Next Pozole(Hominy Soup) and then Chile Relleno and then……..and then ?????

Til next time……I’m going to go eat this mouth-watering WOW lunch 🙂

experience. I love their choice of location. Walking distance from Whole Foods. Absolutely love that. Yes, it is laid out very similar. What I don’t know is which came first???? Do you?
I like that ALL the Produce is Organic. Pricing is a bit odd. Each vs. Pound. They have only been open less than 2 days and people are flocking. Is this because it’s new to the area or people missed having a Mrs. Green`s when they moved here to NOVA? Lots of questions…..
Can’t wait to go back once they get settled in. I’ll keep you posted.

Til next time…..I’m off to play in my room 🙂

As you know I depend on my local Farmer’s Market from May til November. From November til May is difficult for me. I base my cooking off of the fresh produce I find, not proteins. Well, tomorrow I’m off to check out a new Natural Market that is just opening here. I can’t wait…I truly hope I won’t be disappointed. More on my experience tomorrow. I just hope it isn’t a Whole Food clone. Yuck!!!!!!