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This is just what I need (not a want). I have a fabulous Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife that would look great on the inside of my left forearm.

Thank you to the talented tattooist n the person that is enjoying this piece of art on their being.

Just thinking out loud…..til next time…SMILE!!!


My kind of Hot Dog 🙂

Til next time… 🙂

Thank you to the talented creator of this Smile.

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Thank you to all the creative n talented people behind these creations 🙂

imageContinuing my All Hallow’s Eve fun 🙂

Thank you to the creative person behind this pic.

Til tomorrow……Smile!!!!

a day off.


Please know and remember why.

I was sent this beautiful map and I thought it to would be a nice to share on Labor Day.

Thank you to the Talented Artist that created this.

Til next time……..I’m off to play!!!