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imageWhat a beautiful Hand of Buddha. I can’t wait for mine to bear fruit.

Til next time…..Smile!!!

with Acorn Squash…


I was given 4 large Acorn Squash. To be honest not a real big fan. But, I had to give it a shot. I have prepared it like Corn Mush.AKA Firm Polenta. Slicing  it and frying in Butter(yes, Butter) and serving it with  Maple Syrup. That was ok. This time I decided to Steam  it and then scoop it out with a large spoon .Mash it up a bit and top it with Parmesan.I baked it at 350(F) to brown the Parmesan. That’s it:)

wpid-20140803_163854.jpgIt came out tasty. I think next time(yes,there will be a next-time)I’ll take the time to Bake the Acorn Squash. Instead of Steaming it.


Til next time….go try something new 🙂


This is a really neat idea.


I had baked a Baguette to serve with the Monster Salad I had made for Dinner. My Kid saw the Bread and the Top-Sirloin that was in the Skillet. Grabbed a large Straw and proceeded to shove it in the Bread to make a hole. Stuffed it with as much meat as he possibly could. This thing was stuffed. Oh my, it looked Yummy.

wpid-20140804_183653.jpgNow maybe you can see how really big it was?

wpid-20140804_183659.jpgThe Salad: Fresh Lettuce, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumber and Roasted Pine Nuts

wpid-20140804_184413.jpgMy way with Corn Tortillas and some Top-Sirloin.

FYI: Vegetarian?Vegan? just skip the Meat. Gluten-free? skip the Bread like I did. Play with it. Have some fun.

Til next time ……..Enjoy!!!


Peas, lots of Peas ( 4 Baskets, 2 Vendors $9),  Beets ($2 a bunch),  Fresh Garlic ($1.50, BTW you can and should use the whole stalk just like Scallions),  Lettuces(WOW, they are the absolute best I have tasted in a couple years $2 a head ,  Asparagus( I know more Asparagus, Yep!!!! 3 large bunches $11), Pickled Asparagus ( I splurged again $10….FRESH CRUNCH ROCKS),  Local Honey (OOOOPPPSSS I didn’t get the price. I needed it),  Real Milk (My Guy has never had this, I don’t do Cow Milk. I”ll explain in a Rant soon $3 for a quart),  Black out perennial(I love perennials and black $7). I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of My Guy’s Breakfast. A Chocolate Croissant from Bonjour le Parisienne Bakery.( $ 3, Please don’t balk at the price they are the largest and most true I have ever had).

I own up I splurged bigtime. But, damn it’s good stuff.


Til next time…….:)

Not one of my best pics….it was a busy day.

10,May 2014

10,May 2014

Pictured: Tuscan Kale ($2) (the Kale is for our Dragon), Aloe Vera($5), Miniature Hosta ($4, a Mother’s Day gift for My Guy’s Mom), Purple Asparagus ($3),  Strawberries ($3 a pint), 2 Tomato plants ($12 for both), Spring Onions($2), Rustic Loaf ($5), a Squash and Jalapeno plant ($3).

FYI or RANT… decide

People have a thought that Farmer’s Markets are more expensive. Ok, I’ll give you that depending on the area you live. Farmer’s Markets look more like a Craft Festivals on steroids. My local is a simple and evolving Farmer’s Market. Where you find local and  fresh in season items. Plants, Flowers, Produce along with a couple of Butchers, a Cheese Master, Breads, and more.

Now, let me get to the cost. Your average Grocery Store Apple is months, many months old before it even arrives there. The Asparagus I bought a week ago is still fresher than any you would find at the Grocery Store. The fresh local lasts an average of 3 times longer than the Produce you purchase at the Grocery. So, what’s more expensive?

I will continue through this season to post the cost and to keep you up on what will be in next week as best I can.


Til next time….Enjoy