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Brand name Baked Bean Company marketing to kid’s that Baked Beans are a Vegetable?????
Sugar laden canned Baked Beans….not. Don’t get me wrong. Homemade Baked Beans are a wonderful TREAT.

Just sayin

air. I made juice this morning and I had leftover Orange Peels. I see a simmer pot in my future.

You can get all fancy and scentful playing in your Fridge and Spice Cabinet. I just enjoy the simplicity of a citrus simmer pot. Maybe, add some Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves, or a favorite aromatic. Simmer on low and refill with water as needed.

Til next time…..just a share 🙂

imageOk, it’s been a week. Such a week…..CHEERS!!!

I’m looking forward to having the time and the want to cook again. I haven’t done much of it over the last week or so. Just the grab n eat kind of eats. Salad, Apples, Sushi, anything I can find to put in a Tortilla. I think we all have those kind of weeks. At least I hope so.

Til next time….Happy Friday!!!

FYI- found this Artwork through a contest. Thank you to the talented/creative person who created this.


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Til next time…..????

imageIt’s my favorite time of the year. I will be sharing All Hallow’s Eve Food Sculptures thru the month of October.

FYI: This is my 500 post. Just thought I’d share. I have had Writer’s block. Thinking about  what to write about. I decided “no”. It’s just a number. Not to say I don’t have a few posts written to share after this number thing is done with.:)

Thank you to the talented Artist.

Til next time……SMILE 🙂