About me

A little about me for those of you who have been following since day one and for those of you just finding out about me and my blog. I am a California transplant to Virginia.
I grew up eating simple wholesome nutritious food. Instant packaged processed food was something I got at friend’s houses and you know never really got into. You want Fettuccine Alfredo I can whip it up in 15 minutes, but I can’t prepare a packaged version. It never works.  I had  my first bite of a Twinkie in my 20’s and I have no comment.
I eat everything, but I eat it homemade with fresh ingredients. There are exceptions I am human. I love good Pizza, a fresh Deli, good Fries and Outback’s Ahi, which is an addiction I totally own up to.
I am a Cook, recipes are road maps not the law. I would love for someone to deliver me a mystery basket/cooler everyday and see what I could come up with for a dinner for 3-5(preferably 2), a breakfast and at least one lunch for the next day so at least one of us gets to enjoy Leftovers. Oh my so yum!

As I venture forward with FoodisMyZen I will show you a typical day/week of my eating and the prep that goes into it. You will see that it is simpler and cheaper than the packaged foods you have become accustomed to grabbing and do I really need to tell that it is better for you?

  1. FoodisMyZen says:

    Thank you 🙂

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  2. Finding My Inner Zen says:

    Great blog title! 🙂


  3. Rocky says:

    Fried clams. yes!! Mushy clams. Oh hell no!!!!!!

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  4. FoodisMyZen says:

    Please Google it. It’s a Clam.


  5. Rocky says:

    Fish!! I know that sounds weird! lol and what is Geoduck.???


  6. FoodisMyZen says:

    Sure, I’ll do a Seafood Alfredo my way. Is there any Seafood that you don’t like? I don’t like Lobster or Geoduck.


  7. Rocky says:

    Seafood Alfredo 🙂

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  8. FoodisMyZen says:

    I love your site. Where did you get That’s so Global?


  9. thatssojacob says:

    Just tuned in today, gave you a follow 🙂 Visit me over at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com if you’d like to read my thoughts or just return the favor, thanks!

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  10. ninoalmendra says:

    Hi Kevil, I’ve nominated you and your blog for a LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Congrats!!! You can view it @ http://icookonboard.com/2014/04/04/liebster-blog-award/


  11. FoodisMyZen says:

    I am really bad at writing recipes. I cook, I taste,and keep going til I am happy. Yes, I will share as best I can my fettuccine alfredo recipe with you. My name is Kevil 🙂


  12. ninoalmendra says:

    Fettuccine Alfredo please 😉
    By the way, what’s your name if you dont mind? 😀


  13. Thanks for visiting The He Said She Said Experience and liking our post about Elevation Burger! 🙂


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