Sorry for the delay. Life got in my way 🙂



Pictured:Italian Green Beans($2 a pound), Apples, Pears($2.79 a pound), Broccoli($2 a pound), Cucumbers(3 for $1), Roma Tomatoes($2 a pound), Cilantro($1 a bunch), Various Heirloom Grape and Cherry Tomatoes(2 baskets for $5),Sweet Peppers and my beloved Poblanos($2 a pound), the best Garlic ever(2 for $1). Not pictured Milk and Fresh Italian Pork Sausage. Total spent $60. The splurge was the $12 for about 2 pounds of Sausage.Which will be used to create probably 3 different Dinners for 3 with leftovers for lunches and Soup of course.

Check out the Beautiful Steamed Italian Green Beans. They didn’t even make it to the Plate. We stood in My Room talking and munching them straight out of the Pan 🙂

Til next time….Enjoy!!!!

Can't wait to hear from you

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