The loss of a favorite…….

Posted: 15/08/2014 in Dairy-free, Flexatarian, Good Eats Out, LA Girl, My Kid, Omnivour, Weeknight YUM
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My Kid’s favorite from Childhood to Adulthood place to grab a bite. Closed a while back. Shorty’s was the go to place. From Soup to Sandwich’s all fresh made there including the Bread and Bagels. A couple of weeks ago he noticed there was a new place that opened in the shopping center where Shorty’s used to be The Tokyo Grill. So, last night I stopped by there on my way home and picked up dinner. I couldn’t make up my mind everything sounded Yummy. My Kid wanted Yakitori(Grilled Chicken Skewers) and a couple California Rolls. I finally made up my mind kinda. I ordered a Tuna and Avocado Roll, a Salmon,Avocado and Cucumber Roll and a Tuna and Cucumber Roll. OK, I know 3 Sushi Rolls for one. Why not? Next time it’s a Rainbow Roll or ????? It was so good and no I didn’t finish all 3, but I sure tried 🙂wpid-20140814_192111.jpg

Pictured: Fresh made Almond Cookies and what I couldn’t finish at dinner, but proceeded to munch on later in the night.It was so YUMMY!!!



Til next time……Happy Friday 🙂

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