I looks like I purchased a lot I didn’t. We hadn’t been for 2 weeks and we won’t be able to go again for 2 weeks. Remember local produce lasts approximately 2 weeks or so. Not the few days when purchased at a chain Grocer.

wpid-20140809_152204.jpgPictured: Corn(12 for $5), Potatoes($2 a lb.), Various Beans($2 a lb.), Heirloom Tomatoes($2.50 a lb.), Patty Pan Summer Squash($2 a lb.), Cucumbers(3 for $1), 1 Cat not purchased at the Farmer’s Market :), Seedless Watermelon($4), Sweet Peppers and my beloved Poblanos($2 a lb.), Plums($2.49 a lb.) and there’s still more….

wpid-20140809_152231.jpg Bonjour le Parisienne  Baguettes($3 each),  Apples, Peaches and Nectarines($2.79 a lb.). We also purchased Milk.

Guess how much I spent?


Til next time……get out there and check out your local Farmer’s Market. www.eatlocalgrown. com

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