This is what happens when I skip a week 🙂


Pictured: Poblanos of course,  Jalapenos($2 a lb.),  Heirloom Tomatoes($2 a lb.),  Canary Melon ($3), Cantaloupe($1), Yellow Seedless Watermelon($4), White Peaches,  Nectarines,  Apples($2.79 a lb.),  various types of Grape and Cherry Tomatoes($2 a lb.)(check out the container. It’s a square vase some kind of Flower arrangement came in years ago. I love re-purposing),  Corn($3 for 6), Sweet Peppers($2 a lb.), Potatoes($2 a lb), Beans($2.49 a lb), Blueberries($3 a pint) and a Cucumber(3 for a $1)(I forgot to put in the picture. I also got My Guy his Milk.



Til next time….go and checkout your local Farmer’s Market. To find one in your area:

Can't wait to hear from you

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