This meal is 100% Farmer’s Market.

wpid-20140706_190942.jpgMy Guy likes Sausage. I’m not a big fan. But, there is a terrific Lady at my Farmer’s Market that has the absolute best Pork

wpid-20140706_175417.jpgScallion, Summer Squash, and Corn. I decided that the Sweet Pepper just didn’t sound right to be in this dish.

wpid-20140706_175617.jpgThe Summer Squash, Scallion, with that gorgeous ear of Corn, Green Beans, Yellow/Wax Beans and Italian Beans.

wpid-20140706_175420.jpgVarious Potatoes.

wpid-20140706_182257.jpgFried the Potatoes in a touch of the Fat from cooking up the Sausage. The Sausage had very little fat.

wpid-20140706_175424.jpgThe cooked Pork Sage Sausage


How to:

1lb. High quality Sausage-If Vegan/Vegetarian just skip the Sausage and season with your favorite Herbs and Spices.

1 ear of Corn Cut it off the Cob

Beans- I had lots to choose from. So, I used a few of each. Trim to bite size.

Scallion or Onion.  maybe a Slice or 2. Chopped fine.

5-9 small Potatoes

a couple small Summer Squash

Cut everything into bite size pieces. Cook up the Sausage and set aside. I always rinse my ground meat after I cook it. It gets rid of fat as well as lightening up the meal . So, you don’t have that heavy feeling after you eat.

Cook the Potatoes til you like them. I wanted a light crunch. Set aside when done.

Steam or Microwave the remaining Veggies til tender. Throw everything  into a large Skillet to talk for 10 minutes or so……Done.

Great for leftovers. If there are any:). Packs up and reheats for Weekday Lunches as well.


I would like to start a RANT. Have you noticed that all my Corn from the Farmer’s Market is gorgeous??? I notice that people peel back the ear for some reason. Yes, I know the reason to check if the Corn is good or not. At the Farmer’s Market the Corn is no more than 48 hours old. It’s all good. Peeling back Corn at a Farmer’s Market or any place is just wrong. It is a waste and costs the Vender $$$!!!!!!

To check if the Corn is good. Gently squeeze the top of the Corn. If you feel Corn buy it. The worst case scenario is that you have to cut off the top of the Corn Most of you do anyway. So,what’s the big deal about being courteous and aware that Farmer’s Markets are people’s livelihood?????


Til next……I’m off to play in my room.






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