the Farmer’s Market way

wpid-20140608_165805.jpgAlready to go in the Oven. Cauliflower(3 colors), Broccoli, Ham and the best Monterey Jack ever.

wpid-20140608_185412.jpgFresh out of the Oven.

Simply Quiche

Pre-heat Oven 350F

Finely chop up the Veggies of choice about 3-4 Cups

Grate the Cheese or buy it already Grated

Chop up the Ham  or skip it for a Yummy Vegetarian Quiche

Secret ingredient: a pinch of Fresh Grated Nutmeg. Trust me.

Toss the Ingredients together in a large Bowl

I used a store-bought Deep-Dish Pie Crust.

Dump the Yum into the Pie Crust.

Mix up 3 Eggs and a splash of Milk.

Pour carefully over the Veggies.

I sprinkled some Parmesan on the top. For no particular reason 🙂

Bake about an Hour. Check the center with a Toothpick. If it comes out clean it’s done.

wpid-20140608_191012.jpg Served with a fresh simple Salad of Fresh Lettuce and marinated (Balsamic Dressing) Tomatoes and Cucumber.

Til next time ……Enjoy!!!

Can't wait to hear from you

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