It seems that when we have a chance to grab a bite out it’s been the same Restaurant lately. I’m restaurant picky. In a good way. I love food and I love playing in my room. So, why go out?
Our local Dogfish Head Alehouse is why. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve enjoyed from the last couple times.

wpid-20140502_194438.jpgFish n Chips both times  for My Guy. OK, every-time. What can I say they have good Fish n Chips. It is served with Cole Slaw and Fresh Fries. Ask for Malt Vinegar to make the flavors POP.

wpid-20140531_174020.jpgMahi Mahi Tacos topped with Cabbage Salad and Chipolte-Mayo (I skipped the Mayo). Served with Rice, Beans and a surprisingly good Pico de Gallo. The only change I would make is to use Corn Tortillas for  more traditional dish. Sorry for the half eaten pic. I was hungry. It comes with 3 Tacos, not 2.

wpid-20140502_194430.jpgHouse side Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side. A larger dish would be nice 🙂 This Salad is  a good combination and size.

wpid-20140502_194434.jpgHummus Platter Appetizer with 2 different Hummus’. One is Classic, the other Roasted Sweet Red Pepper the day we were there. Served with Cucumber, Carrots, Olives, Celery and way to much Pita. A nice addition would be more Veggies. Like Broccoli, Cauliflower maybe even Zucchini Spears.


The Mussels Appetizer-I always (if on the Menu) go for the Mussels. Since, I am the only one in my house that eats them. This is a bit different from what I prefer. Don’t get  me wrong it is really good. I like my Mussels with just White Wine and Garlic. This is cooked in a light Wine, Tomato, Garlic Sauce with just enough heat to get your attention. Really Tasty. The perfect size for an entrée. For me anyway 🙂

Our terrific server asked what I like to drink. I’m a Red Wine kinda Girl and when it comes to Beer I like Guinness served correctly and Newcastle on Tap. He suggested Sixty-one a Merlot/Beer Brew. Don’t go Yuck. It was a really nice drink and yes I was surprised.  And yes I will order it again and again.

We have been to Dogfish Head Alehouse a few times. The first time I don’t have pics of. We had just been to the Air n Space Museum (go figure LOL) and food was at the top of what we were going to do. We stopped by on a weekday early afternoon the place was quiet. We didn’t expect much when it came to the service. Boy, were we wrong. No matter if it is slow or if it is insanely busy the service ROCKS!!!!! I have a passion for Ahi Tuna. They offer an Ahi Tuna sandwich on Ciabata with a Wasabi Mayo. I was hesitant to order it. This is something that can go really wrong. The server asked how I wanted the Ahi cooked(score a pint for the Server) I replied I would like it to touch the Grill and turn and touch and serve. And that is exactly what I got. YES!!!!!! Yummers.

I am sure I have forgotten some things. Like their Fried Pickles and made to order Potato Chips.

Check out a Dogfish Head Ale House near you.

Til next time…….Enjoy!!!

  1. FoodisMyZen says:

    I love everything from the water. Except Geoduck.


  2. ninoalmendra says:

    Ohh I love Mussels too! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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