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This is how I’m feeling on this bright and cheery Monday. 🙂


Thank you to the phenomenal Artist!!!!


Til next time …….SMILE 🙂

Ok, so I went overboard. It was hard not to with all the gorgeous colors of Summer arriving at the Market.

wpid-20140628_135405.jpgFresh Sausage (2 for $8) for My Guy and for an idea I have. Tomatillos for Pico de Gallo ($2 a pint), Summer Squash ($2 a lb.),  Spring Onions ($2 a bunch),  a dozen Ears of Corn ($6 a dozen, what can I say, I’ve missed it), Milk ($7 a gallon), Pickled Asparagus ($9 such  deal) from Fresh Crunch, lots of Broccoli ($2 a lb.) way more than shown, Tomatoes ($2 a lb.),  Sweet peppers ($2 a lb.) Check out the colors Purple, Yellow and Green, my beloved Poblanos ($2 a lb.) I can’t wait to roast them. Cucumbers (3 for a $1),  Potatoes ($2 a lb.) and Fresh Garlic ($1)

A very good day at the Farmer’s Market 🙂

Til next time……get out there and check out your local Farmer’s Market. To locate one go to

I had been thinking about making this all day yesterday. Another Fridge Raid 🙂 This time using the Leftovers from the Best Laid Plans post.

wpid-20140625_190502.jpgThe finished YUM

wpid-20140625_190104.jpgFor the omnivores, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free and for the Flexatarians like me.

wpid-20140625_185242.jpgThis version is for the Vegans, Vegetarians and other non-meat eaters.

What I found in the Fridge:

Corn on the Cob

Summer Squash

Sweet Peppers

Red Onion


and the leftover London Broil.

I chopped everything up and tossed it in a Skillet and let it talk til tender. Then I threw in the Beef(completely optional). I finished mine with Hot Sauce(of course). My Guy finished his with Worcestershire Sauce(of course).


Til next time…….Enjoy!!!!

of a simple meal to share with you. Guess what? Yep, forgot to take pics.

wpid-20140622_180944.jpgGorgeous Farmer’s Market fresh Corn. Oh how I have missed Corn.

wpid-20140622_183806.jpgSee how beautiful and I wasn’t one of those rude people at the Farmer’s Market that peels back the Corn one after another til they find what they think is the perfect ear. Yes, I want to Rant!!!!!

wpid-20140622_180934.jpgI ooopppssed and found these in the Fridge the other day. I had purchased them at the Farmer’s Market 3 weeks ago. More proof that what you buy at the Farmer’s Market lasts eons longer than from the Grocery. They were as sweet and fresh as if I had just purchased them.

wpid-20140622_180958.jpgI wish I had taken a pic of the finished Potatoes. But, basically I steamed them,  then I cut them in half and cooked them in a bit of Butter to brown them a touch.

Now,for the other pic I forgot to take. It was of a Grilled London Broil marinated in Fresh Crunch Grilled,Charred and Pickled Asparagus juice. Oh my, how YUM.


Til next time…….I feel a Rant coming on 🙂





I was feeling really yucky yesterday. Allergies I guess. Food was the last thing on my mind. I had a Banana for Breakfast and Corn on the Cob for a late night snack. But, I really did have to throw something together for My Guy and Kid. Fridge Raid……….


 This is what I came up with. Romaine Lettuce, Grape Tomatoes, Cucumber, leftover London Broil and Pine Nuts. YUM 🙂 Had the Guy’s Dress it themselves. So, guess what we’re having tonight now that I don’t feel  Yucky? Yep, Grilled Chicken Salads.

Til next time…..Please remember to check out your local Farmer’s Market. See the things you can enjoy with simple fresh ingredients!!!!!