Peas, lots of Peas ( 4 Baskets, 2 Vendors $9),  Beets ($2 a bunch),  Fresh Garlic ($1.50, BTW you can and should use the whole stalk just like Scallions),  Lettuces(WOW, they are the absolute best I have tasted in a couple years $2 a head ,  Asparagus( I know more Asparagus, Yep!!!! 3 large bunches $11), Pickled Asparagus ( I splurged again $10….FRESH CRUNCH ROCKS),  Local Honey (OOOOPPPSSS I didn’t get the price. I needed it),  Real Milk (My Guy has never had this, I don’t do Cow Milk. I”ll explain in a Rant soon $3 for a quart),  Black out perennial(I love perennials and black $7). I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of My Guy’s Breakfast. A Chocolate Croissant from Bonjour le Parisienne Bakery.( $ 3, Please don’t balk at the price they are the largest and most true I have ever had).

I own up I splurged bigtime. But, damn it’s good stuff.


Til next time…….:)

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