more. 15may4                                                                                              Fresh Purple Asparagus

15may3a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion

15may5Chicken Breasts and Carrots

15may2Veggies and Chicken

15may1Cooking up the Veggies

My Kid and I were chatting in my room and of course the conversation went to food. I decided to get creative. I cooked up some Chicken Breasts. Chopped up a couple of Carrots, a leftover Baked Potato and Scallion. Broke up and soaked  some Purple Asparagus. A simple Yummy weeknight munch.

FYI: the Purple Asparagus was a week old from the Farmer’s Market and I was a little concerned about the size of the stalks. I usually avoid large stalks of Asparagus. since they seem to be tough and woody. These weren’t. They were tender and sweet.

Til next time……enjoy!

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