Not one of my best pics….it was a busy day.

10,May 2014

10,May 2014

Pictured: Tuscan Kale ($2) (the Kale is for our Dragon), Aloe Vera($5), Miniature Hosta ($4, a Mother’s Day gift for My Guy’s Mom), Purple Asparagus ($3),  Strawberries ($3 a pint), 2 Tomato plants ($12 for both), Spring Onions($2), Rustic Loaf ($5), a Squash and Jalapeno plant ($3).

FYI or RANT… decide

People have a thought that Farmer’s Markets are more expensive. Ok, I’ll give you that depending on the area you live. Farmer’s Markets look more like a Craft Festivals on steroids. My local is a simple and evolving Farmer’s Market. Where you find local and  fresh in season items. Plants, Flowers, Produce along with a couple of Butchers, a Cheese Master, Breads, and more.

Now, let me get to the cost. Your average Grocery Store Apple is months, many months old before it even arrives there. The Asparagus I bought a week ago is still fresher than any you would find at the Grocery Store. The fresh local lasts an average of 3 times longer than the Produce you purchase at the Grocery. So, what’s more expensive?

I will continue through this season to post the cost and to keep you up on what will be in next week as best I can.


Til next time….Enjoy

  1. FoodisMyZen says:

    this has been the most annoying experience. I have posted this over a dozen times…..


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