Pictured: First of the season Lettuces (3 for $4), Asparagus (3 bundles $11), Herb Window box-Cilantro, Dill, Black Basil and Parsley ($10), plants Rosemary, Mini Hosta and a Poblano of course ($7), a Sesame Baguette, A Feta & Spinach Croissant and a jumbo Croissant ($10), Fresh Mozzarella and Chive Cheddar Cheese (not exact  about the cost, under $8). Total approximately $50. Not bad for all I got.

Next week I will pick up my Tomato plants and the Strawberries should start coming in. My Guy said I got enough Asparagus for the week. I don’t agree. Never enough fresh sweet Asparagus. Too many things that can be made with Asparagus. Tuesday I will share what I made last-night using Asparagus. All I’ll say is that it was a Family hit.


Til tomorrow…..go find  Farmer’s Market and play.


FYI: for information and for locating  Farmer’s Markets checkout

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