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Celebrating the anticipation of the first Farmer’s Market of the season…..3,May!!!!!!

FYI: Thank you to the creative artist.

A friend of mine was single for a couple of days this week( Meaning his other half was away on travel) So, what’s Guy  to do??? Fire up that Grill and Chill the Beer.

imageBeautifully Grilled  Kebab  (Store bought) and a couple of cold Flat Tires.

imageHis version of a balanced meal 🙂 As he pointed  out to me there is Applesauce.  Not so sure about his choice of Beer for this Dinner.

Did you notice the how nice the table is set? I’m impressed.


Til next time …..HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂

imageI’m getting Farmer’s Market Fever….the count down begins.

A BIG  BIG THANK YOU to the creative person. Who imagined it and created it.

NO, I haven’t disappeared.  I have posted more through this past NON- Farmer’s Market Season (November thru May). Than I have ever before. Now, I am going to be extremely sporadic in my posting. The Problem: I want to buy every Edible Plant I see and the pretty/unique Perennials too. My Mantra for the next 2 weeks is…..”No, you have to wait for the Farmer’s Market and then BUY BUY…PLANT, EAT and ENJOY !! !!!!

In the mean time . I am organizing/planning and just breathing for the next few weeks. I am buying Pots, Soil, and cleaning up and getting ready to “Play in My Room”. Oh yeah, buying a new Fridge!!!!!!


Thank you to all……… 🙂

Til next time…..Enjoy


Ok, let’s start with the Lunch part. It’s Baked Potato Day at Work. This time I raided the Salad Bar for some Veggies.


Baked Potato Ala’ Broccoli, Cauliflower, Grated Carrot, Sweet Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes and of course my beloved Cholula. YUM 🙂

I Microwaved (not a Fan. It’s a convenience at work) the Veggies for 47 seconds. Topped the Potato and heated for another 47 seconds. Done.


Now, for the Life part of this post. This last weekend I dragged My Guy over to his Parent’s to run interference for me . So, I could clean out their Refrigerator. Not an easy task. But a much-needed one. Once I was done. I made a Grocery List with his Mom and went to the local Market to restock (within reason) the Refrigerator.

To say the least after that task I really haven’t been into food this week. I haven’t even gone Grocery Shopping for us this week. With the coming of Farmer’s Market Season. I know I will get my itch back. Maybe all I need for now is time away from My Room. We’ll see. Maybe this weekend I’ll see something that will catch my attention and go back to My Room. I know for the next couple evenings I’ll be cooking for one. So, don’t expect much 🙂


Til next time…….Thank you!!!!