Posted: 16/02/2014 in Life
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This year the ideas seem to be flowing better than in previous years. Writing about my food finds is easy from May thru November. That’s my Farmer’s Market season. From Thanksgiving til May is much harder for me. I base my cooking on the Produce I find  not the Protein.  I am changing things up this year. I have Monday Smiles, Soups on Fridays (That way you can go shop for the ingredients to make Soup over the weekend to enjoy during the week), My Kid’s Place (still finalizing the name) Wednesdays, Farmer’s Market Saturday(May-November), and Protein Sunday, so far. I don’t want to get to regimented/structured. There would be no fun in that for me. Just wanted to share what you have to look forward to as evolves.

See you tomorrow for a Monday Smile 🙂

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