Never realized My Kid didn’t know how to make Pancakes. The other night My Kid wanted Pancakes. I hear “Hey Mom show me how to make Pancakes’ . Hummm, Why is he asking me to show him how to make Pancakes? He’s a terrific Cook in his own right. Then a light-bulb moment. I always made them. Usually with Chocolate Chips in them when he was growing up.
imageThe flip
imageNot bad for a first attempt at flipping a very large Pancake.:)

FYI: Batter info- I use Trader Joe’s Multigrain Mix. I have found it to be the closest to plain basic white flour mixes in texture and flexibility. I don’t really follow the directions. I do add the Eggs, but when it comes to the liquid not really. It’s all a consistency thing with me. If you want light thin Crepe like Pancakes add more liquid. For thicker fluffy Pancakes add less. One key thing I have found when working with any Flour. Set the mixture aside for at least a few minutes so it can talk. You will notice a consistency change to a more elastic like texture of the batter if you take the time to do this. Just a FYI.

Til next time……..Enjoy 🙂

More from My Kid to come………..

Can't wait to hear from you

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