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Simple French Lentil Soup

imageYes, simple. I happened to have a Ham Bone in the Freezer from over the Holidays that I really needed to use. So, I simmered it up in Water til the meat fell off the bone. Drained most of that greasy muck. Removed the Bone and other parts that didn’t look to appetizing. Added fresh Water, the Ham, Carrots, a bit of Celery and lots of Garlic. I’m not a big Celery Fan. I would rather use Celeriac for Celery flavor. For seasoning I used Cavender’s which is a Greek blend of Garlic, Pepper, Oregano. I rinsed and added the Lentils. Stirred well and lowered the temperature to a low simmer. Placed a lid on my Soup Pot. Let it talk for about half an hour. Checked it, Stirred it, removed the lid to let it drive my family nuts. DONE.

Remember “Recipes are Road Maps, Make them your own”

Play with the ingredients. Add Onion, Add I don’t know anything that sounds good to you. I used French Lentils this time only because I hadn’t before. You could use Lentils, Split Peas, Navy Beans, Great Northerns……….

Til next time………enjoy!

imageWe all wanted Burgers….

imagewith Sauteed Onions


His way…with lots of Ketchup

My way…..a Spicy concoction of Cholula n Mayo….I didn’t have any Poblanos to roast.
Saute’ Onions

Butter a little less than a teaspoon to 1 large Red Onion..
1 large Red Onion thinly sliced.

Melt Butter, break apart the Onion. Saute’ on a med/low temp. Don’t stir but a couple of times. You really just want to let the Onion sit and simmer til it’s the way you like it.

FYI: I have found out through my many years of playing in my room. That if you hollow out a bit of the bun you can stuff a lot more in it 🙂

Til next time……

My Kid is getting good at Pancakes.


Nice looking Pancake

imageFYI: I was in my room when he was making them this time also. I explained to him as I am to you. Buy a good Mix. I like Trader Joe’s Multi-grain for its light texture. The key is to add the Eggs as directed but not the liquid. Add the liquid to the consistency you like. The thinner the Batter the thinner/light the Pancake. The less liquid the thicker and I think better for Breakfast.

Til next time……enjoy 🙂

Monday Smiles

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imageJust letting my Geek shine

FYI: Thank you, to the talented Artist and to the person who knew this would make me Smile 🙂


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WOW…what a week(end). Our juggling act continues. I do think we are seeing a dim light at the end of this tunnel.
Yes, I have been playing in my room.
Yes, I’ve been taking pics.
Yes, you will get to read and enjoy (I hope 🙂 ).

Off to meet with an Elder Companion…..
Wish us luck.

Til tomorrow…