My kind of Pot Roast…….

Posted: 22/01/2014 in Dairy-free, Flexatarian, FYI, Gluten-Free, Omnivour, Techniques
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imageSimple YUM!!!


Oh ,how I love Garlic.

imageRoot…root for the Veggies.

imageParsnips, Carrots, Onion, Turnip and Potatoes….kinda bummed I didn’t find a Rutabaga.

imageGetting YUMMY!!!

imagePacked for future use…..HUMMM, I see Soup, of course 🙂

Simple Crock-pot Roast

1 large piece of Beef, Venison or ??????

Garlic…..lots of Garlic

1 pint Beer-I usually use Foster’s

Root and Green Veggies

Worcestershire Sauce to taste

Place Meat, Beer, 12 or so Cloves of Garlic gently crushed and some Worcestershire Sauce in a Crock-pot. Cook til meat is tender. Add the Root Veggies. Cook til just about done. Add Green Veggies. Once the veggies are tender…….EAT!!!!!

FYI- I used a Crock-pot. So, I could share the wonderful aroma and annoy My Guy all day 🙂 This would work in a Roasting Pan or ????? and Bake it at 375F for a couple of hours. There are way to many variables to the Veggies that can be used to share you. I would so bore you if I even made an attempt. Remember “RECIPES ARE ROAD MAPS.MAKE THEM YOUR OWN”

Til next time……..enjoy 🙂

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