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Oh my…I’m in lust with a new find. Ricos Tacos Moya II here in the city. My Kid had told me about it. I just hadn’t had the chance to go by til today.

imagePictured: Verde(green) and Roja(red) Sauces both are extremely flavorful,. Frijoles(refried Beans), one each Asada(Steak) and Carnitas(Pork) Taco.

This is one happy Angelina(LA Girl). This is what I miss living here. Classic Flavorful Fresh Mexican Food. I will be working my way through the Menu. Next Pozole(Hominy Soup) and then Chile Relleno and then……..and then ?????

Til next time……I’m going to go eat this mouth-watering WOW lunch 🙂

I had an itch for YUMMY baked bottom of the bottle Chicken. I save all the little bits from the bottom of various bottled condiments and mix them all together with either White Wine if I have any or with White Balsamic Vinegar and use the mixture for baking Chicken. It always comes out YUMMY and it is never the same twice. This Chicken dish was made with Creamy Caesar, White Balsamic and Simply Greek Salad Blend.

imageGetting the Chicken ready. Bake at 350F for an hour or more covered.

imageAdd some Veggies under the Chicken. I had some Broccoli, Cauliflower leftover from our Veg-out Platter. I also added some Zucchini and Grape Tomatoes. Cover and bake for 20-30 minutes more. Til veggies are getting tender.

wpid-20140126_185242.jpgUncover turn temp up to 365F to brown the Chicken.

imageI had found some nice fresh Asparagus and the Dinner didn’t seem to have enough veggies for me.

imageSimple Steamed Asparagus

imageDone, and Oh so YUM  🙂

Til next time…….Enjoy!!!

FYI: My Kid added Rice to his Dinner. As seen in the pic above.

When we were out running errands for My Guy’s parents. I kept finding more and more Fruit that looked Yummy. I ended up with so much that a Fruit Salad seemed like the best way to use some of my beautiful bounty. Key word here is SOME 🙂

imageFruit Salad (this time)





Cara Caras: a sweet and colorful Navel Orange


Red Grapes


I packed some up for My Guy’s parents and for us for work. Left the rest in the fridge and guess what??? My Kid found it. SWEET 🙂 Time to make more this one will have Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Pineapple in it and ????? I’ve never had that combination. We will see.

wpid-20140128_103231.jpgGreen Tea and Fruit Salad…..YUM

Til next time…….ENJOY!


WOW, what talent !!!

FYI: From my collection of Food Sculpture pics. Thank you, to the terrific talented Needler. I am in AWE!

Til next time…….SMILE

We had gone out for Breakfast, Oh, my how YUM. We split a  French Toast Deluxe with Blueberries,Ham, and Scrambled Eggs.
Our day then changed to running errands for My Guy’s Parents. So, by the time we got home all we wanted was a Movie n Movie time munch.
imageFresh Baked Kaiser Rolls, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sweet Peppers, Grape Tomatoes, Steamed/Chilled Asparagus, Endive, Cucumber, Celery, Carrots, Summer Sausage(for My Guy), Good Sharp Cheddar and a Simple Yummy Greek Yogurt Dill Dip.

Yogurt Veg Dip

Greek Yogurt

Dill-Fresh or Dried

Cheap nothing fancy Ranch Dressing

A splash of White Balsamic

Mix well and chill for as long as you can 🙂

I make a container of this Dip every Weekend for our lunches during the week. More on Weekday Lunches to come.

Til next time….I’m going to my room 🙂