There’s always a first time…..

Posted: 05/12/2013 in Gluten-Free, Playing with your food, Techniques, Trader Joe's, Vegan, Zen Kitchen
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Have you ever done this? Roasted a whole Brussel Sprout stalk?
image( Sorry about not scaling the pic. Just so you have some kind of idea the size. I use the same Chopping board for almost all my pics.) It’s BIG !!!

The directions that were attached say to wrapped it in some kind of plastic wrap and place in the Microwave for a few minutes. Don’t know about you. But I don’t have a Microwave that large 🙂 And we know how often I use a Microwave, not very. Then it states to Drizzle with Olive Oil and Maple Syrup. Wrap in Foil and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees (f) or til tender. Then what?????? Do you only eat the Brussel Sprouts?  Can you eat all that is tender? Yes.

Ok, why not except for the Microwave part. Not sure how to solve that portion of the recipe. So, I decided to skip it. Which worked out just fine.

It came out so YUMMY. The bad part is I am the only one that likes Brussel Sprouts. I froze some for Soup and have been snacking on the rest.I read that when serving this/these. You place the whole thing on the table and your guests take what they want. Kinda neat.
I found that the stalk of the individual Sprouts were particularly sweet and the texture was of the Heart of a fresh steamed Artichoke. I will be doing this again. Maybe changing up the seasoning to a more Mediterranean flavor.

Til next time……enjoy

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