It’s been a…

Posted: 04/11/2013 in Dairy-free, Farmer's Market Finds, Zen Kitchen
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longtime since I’ve cooked this. I  don’t really like cured meats very much. My Guy does. So, I bought some good quality Bratwurst  It’s chemical free and fresh. Removed the casing and cooked it up with Potatoes, Onions, Summer Squash and Sweet Peppers.



Looking good but still not how I wanted it.


Now, we’re talking. Getting brown and crispy. Notice the pan change. More on that next time…

FYI- I cooked the Sausage.Then I drained and rinsed it with Hot Water before returning to the pan with the Veggies. This is a technique I use with all Ground meat. It removes a lot of the fat and makes it easier to digest. At least for me 🙂

Til next time….enjoy

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