What a week…..

Posted: 25/10/2013 in Life
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A week or so ago my Kid brought home a just wonderful (sarcasm) bug. I can avoid him easily since we work opposite hours. But, my Guy and him enjoy spending time together. Which as a Mom and being in a spectacular relationship is more than I could ever ask for. They hit it off within minutes of meeting each other last summer. Long story maybe for another time. Well, yes you guessed it, I got this wonderful bug. It has taken me down.

I guess what I want to share is that food, cooking and playing in my room when I am feeling gross isn’t going to happen. I have been able to cook some things for my Guy to take to his Parents. One problem. There isn’t anyone in our home that can take the food over to them. Since the 3 of us are still feeling rather gross.

I have been writing many drafts and making a few minor changes I want for my Blog. So, please bear with me while I am still not feeling all that hungry. Hunger drives my creativity. I have learned a lot through this experience. I want a Mystery Basket/Box delivered to my home at least once a week. So I can play. I absolutely love this idea. I know this scares a lot of Cooks. But I think it would be the greatest gift I could receive. I guess I might be rambling. Oh well, this is my place to ramble if I want to.

Goal tomorrow is to go to the Farmer’s Market and see what I can find. I hope it will give me a spark 🙂

til next time……..

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