A little rant……..

Posted: 03/10/2013 in Flexatarian, FYI, Life, Omnivour, Vegan
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There are approximately 7,173,157,604 “Humans” on this planet. That means there are that many different Diets. We each- individually have to find our body rhythm. I am a Protein Girl, My Guy does best on Healthy mixes of Protein and Carbs. But, a major difference in our eating habits and dietary needs is he eats 5 portions of Fruit a day. Where I eat more  Veggies than Fruit. Now, I just made a mistake. He eats the Fruit portions as well as close to my intake of Veggies. .We are Flexitarians. We eat as Omnivores. We eat as Vegans. We eat as Vegetarians (me more of time). What is most important is that we eat fresh and that we eat our heritage. My heritage doesn’t support the digestion of Rice nor Pasta. That is just the way it is. I treat myself to these things.

My body responds best to lean proteins and fresh produce. Yes, I have my weaknesses and those are Dairy (not a good thing, but DAMN I love the texture) and Bread (Oh My, anything Yeast based….YUM).
What I want to share is:Please don’t eat out of boxes. You are better off eating the Box.
I know there is all this controversy over food these days. The good the bad…. the cost of fresh food. You have seen from my Farmer’s Market posts that isn’t true. Really, come on get real…… if you really want to find your body rhythm. Look at your heritage. the health and age of your Ancestors. My Grandmother passed at around 104-106. Long story made short…Birth Certificate destroyed in a fire. My other Grandmother will be celebrating her 100th in 3 months. She lives on her own. Ok, so the men in my family haven’t fared as well. But, my Dad has lived 35 years longer than any other male in my family.

just a share….til next time

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