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Have a safe and fun Samhain Celebration

til next time………

in reverse. Awhile back I had shown a picture of this dish. I had made it for My Guy’s Parents. I then forgot to write about how to make it. So, please bear with me as I attempt to write a recipe on my own. 🙂



1 can Cream of  Chicken, Mushroom, Celery or ????? I had Cream of Mushroom on hand

1 can of Biscuits or Hey, make them if you have the time and the talent. I

a Carrot

a couple small New Potatoes


Celery if you want or Celeriac. Which I prefer

I had some Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts. So, I just sautéed them up with a touch of  Simply Greek Souvlaki Blend  and Olive Oil. While this was cooking.


I pre-heated the Oven per the instructions on the side of the Biscuits( I used Pillsbury Grands) Remember this dish is for My Guy’s Parents. I don’t rock the boat too much when it comes to making certain things. This needed to stay as traditional as I could. While using as many fresh and healthy ingredients as I could.

wpid-20130929_100626.jpgI chopped up the veggies as uniformly as possible. that way they cook evenly. Heat up a medium to large Skillet with a drizzle of Oil (you choose). Add the Potatoes and Carrots  season with the Souvlaki blend. let cook til tender and a bit golden (that adds a nice texture). Add Chicken, Peas and Cream of ???? Soup. and about a 1/2 Cup Water Stir well. Lower Temperature to a low simmer. Place a lid on the Skillet and let it talk for 15 minutes or more..

Choose a favorite shallow Baking Dish. Open the Biscuit package and separate the Biscuits and slice them in half as you would a Bagel. Place the filling in the Baking Dish and place the Biscuits on top. Bake to Biscuit instructions. DONE 🙂

FYI- When I made this I made one for us and froze it. I made a Monster Salad and baked the Pot Pie.the other day. I came out terrific. Not as saucy, But, the Biscuits, and filling were as if I had just made it 🙂

til next time………enjoy

I don’t get a chance to cook for the two of us very often. I am usually cooking large amounts so that we can take some to my Guy’s Parents and have leftovers for during the week. So, when I saw the opportunity  I took it and ran.


I grilled a couple nice Pork Chops. Steamed the huge beautiful  Green Beans from the Farmer’s Market. Served with a bowl of fresh Applesauce. YUM

Simple Yes….Elegant-Yes…’s all in the quality of the ingredients.


WOW, it worked, I got my Zen back. Just look at this beautiful bounty. My beloved Poblanos (can’t wait to roast and eat), one of the largest Kohlrabi I’ve seen in a longtime, Japanese Yams (Sweet Potatoes), oh so sweet, Cauliflower (Yes, it’s a pale orange. Cauliflower comes in a wide range of colors. From Yellow to a deep Purple), a Cauliflower-Broccoli cross that has a mild flavor with a hint of nuttiness, Summer Squash, probably the last for this year, Red Onions, Cilantro, Sweet Peppers, the first of the Beets(can’t wait to toss those in some Olive Oil with a pinch of Pink Salt and roast), the largest, sweetest and most tender Green Beans of the season, Heirloom Tomatoes, Kumatos a mild sweet tomato and Carrots. All this for about $37

I also bought a Pumpkin perfect for carving. That I will share another day 🙂

Til next time…….I’m gong to my room.

What a week…..

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A week or so ago my Kid brought home a just wonderful (sarcasm) bug. I can avoid him easily since we work opposite hours. But, my Guy and him enjoy spending time together. Which as a Mom and being in a spectacular relationship is more than I could ever ask for. They hit it off within minutes of meeting each other last summer. Long story maybe for another time. Well, yes you guessed it, I got this wonderful bug. It has taken me down.

I guess what I want to share is that food, cooking and playing in my room when I am feeling gross isn’t going to happen. I have been able to cook some things for my Guy to take to his Parents. One problem. There isn’t anyone in our home that can take the food over to them. Since the 3 of us are still feeling rather gross.

I have been writing many drafts and making a few minor changes I want for my Blog. So, please bear with me while I am still not feeling all that hungry. Hunger drives my creativity. I have learned a lot through this experience. I want a Mystery Basket/Box delivered to my home at least once a week. So I can play. I absolutely love this idea. I know this scares a lot of Cooks. But I think it would be the greatest gift I could receive. I guess I might be rambling. Oh well, this is my place to ramble if I want to.

Goal tomorrow is to go to the Farmer’s Market and see what I can find. I hope it will give me a spark 🙂

til next time……..