Fresh Eggs……

Posted: 08/09/2013 in Good Morning YUM, Playing with your food, Techniques, Zen Kitchen
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There is a person at my work who raises Chickens.  So, I am very privileged to be able to purchase and eat fresh non-processed, true free-range eggs.


I grew up eating Brown Eggs and have since found Ameraucana Chicken which can be Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow.  Forget those plain ordinary White ones.  I was once told I should eat Brown eggs to help keep a species from extinction.  Ok, sure I can go with that.


WOW…look at the color!! That is just 5 simple fork-blended eggs. I added by request some Ham and a sprinkle of a finely grated Cheddar-Jack Mix.


I don’t get a chance very often to make Omelets. I really need to practice more than I get  to.


This one surprised because of the size. That it came out this nice and didn’t crack.  I still got it 🙂

A Simple Omelet

A heavy pan or your favorite. Heated to a low/med temp. I sprayed mine with Olive Oil.

3-5 eggs Gently Whisked

Fillings of your choice. Ham, Bacon, Sausage (Italian, Classic Breakfast, Chorizo), Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, Spring Onions (Scallions), Potatoes…I could go on and on. If it sounds Yummy, use it. Remember to pre-cook your meat choices. Oh, and Cheeses. Go for it. Feta, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Jalapeno Jack, Brie, Gouda, to name a few.  A very few 🙂 One of my favorite combos is Feta, Spinach and Tomato or maybe Cheddar, Jalapeno and Tomato or ???????? Just remember you don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way. 🙂

Once the pan is warm, pour in the eggs. Tilt the pan to make sure the eggs are covering the bottom of the pan. When you see the texture/color change, gently scoot the eggs away and tilt the pan to fill the gap. I cover the pan to get it to “just done”. Add your ingredients. Fold and eat. YUM!

FYI- remember what I always say “Recipes are road maps. Make them your own”

til next time……I am going to my room

  1. FoodisMyZen says:

    I love that you are playing with food


  2. jessiroseknits says:

    I just tried organic eggs from a friend who raises chickens! I was a little afraid to try them, but I honestly couldn’t tell a difference between them and the store bought ones! If I can have the same taste, for less money, with no preservatives, I’m in!


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