Farmer’s Market 7,September 13

Posted: 07/09/2013 in Farmer's Market Finds, FYI
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imagePictured from lower left clockwise.  Apples (I eat one every morning and I had bought way to many last week.  So, I only grabbed 3), Cute Calabacita Summer Squash, Heirloom Grape and Cherry Tomatoes, a gorgeous Large Beefsteak Tomato (just because), A couple huge Sweet Potatoes (one Red and one White), Basil ( I keep forgetting to go and raid My Guy’s Mom’s Basil), the last of the White Peaches for the season, Nectarines (one of my favorite fruits) and probably way too many Wax and Green Beans…not 🙂

FYI- Have you noticed the square containers I have been using for the Tomatoes and Potatoes? We have all received Plants and/or Flowers. Think about re purposing them. I have found the one pictured works beautifully for Tomatoes. It looks cool too.

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