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Posted: 03/09/2013 in Dairy-free, Gluten-Free, Recipes, Zen Kitchen
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My Guy’s parents….


Yummy finds from the Farmer’s Market.  I decided not to use the Red Cabbage.  I heated up some Grape Seed oil in a medium saute pan.  Chopped up a couple of cloves of Garlic.  Let those 2 ingredients talk for a couple of minutes.  While that was going on.  I sliced up the Onion, the gorgeous and colorful Sweet Peppers and the various Summer Squash.  All around the same size, so that they would cook evenly.  I made enough so we could have some later in the week.  It turned out so Yummy.  Smellivision would really be nice.


Sprinkled on an Italian seasoning blend (just a standard store-bought combo of Basil, Parsley and Oregano).  Tossed and placed a lid on it for maybe 15 minutes or less.  While that was talking.  I heated up my Grill pan to a medium heat  and sprayed it with Olive Oil.  I use Trader Joe’s brand.  Placed 4 Boneless-Skinless Chicken Breasts seasoned with the same Italian season blend on it and cooked til extremely done.  I have issues with under cooked Chicken so I always over cook it.


Just about done.  Now to hunt down a container or 2 to pack it up in.wpid-20130901_121855.jpg

Yeah, I found one 🙂

Also, pictured is a simple Fruit Salad of Peach, Watermelon, Nectarine, Grapes and a Kiwi.

We decided to take the food over and then grab a bite out.   My Guy’s Dad was just about to leave when we got there to run over to Mickey D’s.  Oh My, can I say YUCK!!!!!  Thank goodness our timing was perfect 🙂

FYI- Remember I don’t cook with Salt, so please salt to your liking.

til next time…..I’m going to my room

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