Rant Time…….

Posted: 15/08/2013 in FYI, Good Eats Out, LA Girl, Life
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I think this is going to become a weekly post. Let me know 🙂 I will not be naming Restaurants by name, unless you ask. I will never name a person involved. PROMISE.

This weeks rant- $5 lunches.

I know of 3 places within walking distance of each other that are offering $5 lunches:

#1  Is just the Sandwich.  Where’s the LUNCH?

#2  Offers a complete MEAL.  This consists of (OH CRAP how do I word this) processed meat product of your choice between processed baked flour based stuff, a drink, fries and a small Sundae.

#3 Offers a serving of REAL Meat (Chicken, Beef and a terrific Ground Beef like you have never had before), 3 Rices to choose from, and more sides than you  get at a Salad Bar to choose from.  Ok, so the Drink isn’t included.  Ask for a cup of Water or cough up the extra Buck for a Drink.

Remember I EAT !!!!!

Til next time….I am going to my room 🙂

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