We have all gone to the Market not really sure what to do about Dinner. Well, that was me last night. Nothing really sounded good. I saw this thin sliced bottom round. It looked good. The price was right. Meaning already sliced for Stir Fry Beef is around $8 a pound. This was $4 a pound and all I had to do was slice it. Decision made. Ok, Here’s a neat trick: I cut it into strips using my Kitchen Scissors (Shears).


Thin sliced bottom round. Browned in a little mild taco sauce. This cut of meat is extremely lean so please cook it quickly. So you don’t end up with Shoe Leather.


Tortilla being browned with shredded cheese


Add some of the meat


Fold and eat.

This can be served with Pico de Gallo ( to find the recipe simply type Pico in the search box), Sour Cream, Guacamole. A Simple Green Salad would really round this meal out wonderfully.

Til next time…I’m going to my room.

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