Simple Pasta and Meatballs


1 bag Meatballs-your choice of course. I would love to spend the time making and freezing my own. For now there just isn’t the time in my life to do these things.  Joe’s Party size are my favorite. They are small and less salty than other brands I have tried.

1 jar or fresh made Marinara –  Trader Joe’s has some really neat Marinara’s.

1 pkg Pasta of your choice – I was going to make Spaghetti and Meatballs, but I know from experience Spaghetti doesn’t reheat well.  So play with it, pick a favorite shape or really get goofy and try one you haven’t.


I brown my Meatballs prior to adding any sauce.  It’s a texture thing.


Meatballs in Marinara-simmering away-oh my I wish there was smellivision


Pasta- cook til almost done.  Remember it is going into the sauce and will possibly be re-heated.  You don’t want mushy Pasta.

imageReady to pack


Pasta- Meatballs- ready for delivery and a weeknight meal for us.

FYI- I forgot this is a dish you can throw together and bake. I serve it with a salad. I love my veggies.

next time a yummy simple Marinara that you can use as a base for all Pasta sauces with some simple twists.

Can't wait to hear from you

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