My Adventures this weekend……

Posted: 05/08/2013 in Good Eats Out, Playtime

We switched up our play day to  Saturday this weekend. So, my Guys and I ran away to a Car Show. Way to much fun. We all love cars. My Kid is all about old and custom. He is extremely knowledgeable and creative. My Guy  likes both old and new. I’m with my Kid I like old and creative customs. Forget all the electronic computer crap in newer cars.

We were all starving by the time we got done looking and drooling over all the terrific cars.  We have a very short list of places we eat at. My awesome kid said “Hey, what about Chutzpah’s?” That was it. Decision made. Chutzpah is in Fairfax. It is a small fabulous Deli. Classic Traditional with a twist.

My Guy had a classic Cheese/Bacon Burger, I had a Patty Melt-OH MY ! and My kid had the Voodoo Burger.Which consisted of 2 Burger patties, Pepper-Jack Cheese, Cajun Seasoning, Tabasco Onions,and Spicy Remoulade sauce.

If you haven’t you really should go check out Chutzpah Deli in Fairfax. for more info.

So, with switching our days. I got to spend 24 Hours at home and a lot of that time in my room. Way to much fun. I have shared that I am working on making larger quantities of simple reheat- able dishes for my Guy’s Parent’s. So, by request this week I will feature each creation individually from start to packing for delivery.

til next time…I’m going to my room

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